Hello! Welcome to my blog. I am Fausta Parker. Here on this site you will be able to find my photography work as well as everything I come across in my life.

Personal Stylist

Hello everyone! My name is Fausta Parker I am a personal stylist and a personal shopper.
I know many of you would like to improve your personal style or simply do not have time for shopping... Read more

Blue Hole Dahab

I was in Egypt recently.

My outfit on a dark cloudy day

Hi! I’m Fausta Parker and style is my passion. Lets talk about my outfit of the grey day. Probably you live in a country where there are many of them. And how do you feel? Depressed? Bad mood? Or you love it? I live in a country ... Read more

Black tie is invited

Going out? Invited to an event? What color of dress is best for you? This time I chose a black dress and purple high heeled sandals. It turns out that black is a handful color that really makes me(a blonde lady) look my best — hue that offset the bright tint in my hair and highlight my skin tone.

Actually this is a jumpsuit. This outfit is a bold decision anyway, people prefer dresses for events for sure and definitely jumpsuits are not for everybody. It is made of the sateen material, has a glossy finish, it looks like high-quality silk. And you know, I'm petite girl and this overall in extra small size is dropping off my shoulders and it looks very sexy!

My advice #1: don't afraid to be sexy, you will never be over sexy)). Advice #2: combine black with bright contrast colors, I love Fuchsia color (experts say that fuchsia color love crazy people haha). This jumpsuit has pockets on the sides. As usual, flowing silhouettes choose people with the shape defects but be sure I am in a good shape - I just simply love how it flows this is so cool. Just in case, if you're interested what brand is that it's a total look Zara, my favorite brand for today.

Sunset is still my favorite color

Gate of heaven. Sunsets are viewing with wonder not just because they are beautiful but because they are fleeting... So, don't waste your time, live every moment in your life and enjoy it!